Water Filtrations & Pumps

residential drain laying image of large trench bedise building

Complete Pumping and Filtration Services…

Our expertise lies in the complete spectrum of pumping and filtration services to meet your diverse demands.

We’re dedicated to optimizing efficiency, committed to identifying the most cost-effective resolution that suits your requirements. 

It’s about crafting filtration solutions, not selling you products. 

Service Details

We can’t afford not to deliver on our promise so with top gear and top blokes that’s what we guarantee.

In house Experts

Plumbing Works has an in house water filtration expert at your disposal who can offer the correct advice.

Fit for Purpose

Whether it’s eradicating chlorine and fluoride from your primary water source or implementing UV systems to purify rainwater or well water, we offer a comprehensive selection of remedies to cater to your specific needs.

Water Testing Service

Plumbing Works has the ability to test water and advise on the correct kind of water treatment to create water fit for purpose.

Call us today to get your water up to scratch for your specific application.

residential drain laying image of large trench bedise building


Five Star rating

Great team, very professional, very happy with the work and time frame and professional job done.

Andrew Hume

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