Residential Plumbing Services

Individual Superior Service

At Plumbing Works, we have a team of dedicated professional residential maintenance plumbers.  From a leaky tap to digging a ditch, these guys are our hands-on, can do expert plumbers, gas fitters and roofers.

We know it’s all about the people. Our customers are number one.  We’ve invested heavily in continuous staff training to ensure any job our team carry out is always of the highest standard.  We’ve invested heavily in management systems that allow us to track and trace our team, so we’re completely up front and transparent when it comes to service and billing.

We’re not here to make work for you.  What that means is we clean up after ourselves, making sure when you arrive home everything is as it was when you left it.  If you want a quick, stress free superior service give us a call today and we’ll send one or two of our expert team around to your place.

Residential Services

Plumbing Maintenance

Maintenance and repairs of water mains, taps, toilets, HWC repairs and replacement, no job is too small. If you have a problem, the chances are we have already come across something similar in the past. Our GPS tracking system means there is no question of start and finish times. Let us take care of your plumbing problem, it is our bread and butter.


New Homes & Renovations

Renovation work, bathrooms and kitchens, minor dwellings and new homes we have it covered. Our experienced domestic team has the experience and know how to complete any job from a small bathroom reno to a multi-million dollar home.


Electric Hot Water

Electric hot water cylinders both mains and low pressure. If you need a straight replacement or an upgrade from low to mains for that fantastic pressure, we have you covered. Plumbing Works knows all the snags to look out for, like making sure your shower mixer is still going to work with new pressure – don’t get caught out.


Solar Hot Water

Solar water heating is a great way to harness free natural energy. Plumbing Works can advise you on all you need to know when it comes to collecting energy from the sun. There are a variety of methods to consider, so best to get one of our consultants out to give you a combination of ideas, advice and costings to help make your decision the best one for your home.


Gas Fitting

Gas fitting can be dangerous, so make sure you entrust your biggest asset with one of our certifying gas fitters to repair, replace or install your gas appliances. We have an excellent understanding of the trade and the cross over between plumbing, gas and electrical. Hot water, heating, cooking or gas leaks, we can take care of it all.


Septic Treatment Plants

Plumbing Works is an accredited installer of Hynds environmental treatment plants as well as standard septic tanks, Whether this is for a house or a large commercial rural project, Plumbing Works can take care of the project from OSET design through to installation and commissioning.


Drain Unblocking

Our specialised equipment & technicians mean we can unblock almost any drain. Not only that, but we can camera it, record it, locate the position and depth of the blockage and make sure we treat the cause not the symptom. We have a commercial jetter unit mounted on a trailer with 100m of hose ready to blast away blockages or tree roots.

Our RIGID CCTV camera and locator mean we can survey the pipework and inspect it for imperfections. We then can pinpoint the problem area and make the appropriate repair to get you back online!


Residential Drainage

Yes, we’ve heard it said before, boys and their toys, but when it comes to digging and drainage you need the right “toys”.  Investing in good gear allows us to be efficient and to get the job done quicker.  We listen to our customers and we know you want quality results within a set timeframe. So not only fast results, also top quality results.


Roof Repairs

Roof repairs are not everyone’s cup of tea but Plumbing Works has the benefit of having skilled individuals to quickly locate and repair roof leaks. We are not talking just a squirt of the silicone, we can make up flashing seals and make good of the area of concern to ensure you are not getting costly water damage to your property.


We have your back

Any day, any time.

Our emergency plumbing services fix leaks, clogs, and bursts any time. Relax, we’ll flow to the rescue!

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Five Star rating

We recently used Plumbing Works for an emergency and cannot recommend their service highly enough. Mark was really polite, quick, and efficient, and explained all the options to us even though he was called out after hours. Thanks to Mark and the team for the great service. 

Jayne & Sean


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