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Plumbing Works boasts one of the largest specialised trade contracts for all commercial plumbing, gas and drainage jobs in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato region. Our experience and large team means we can complete a project on time to the highest standard – from the ground to the roof – we have you covered.

    Dedicated Commercial Team

    Whether it’s a tender situation, design-build or budgets, we have a skilled team focusing solely on commercial projects. They have in-depth understanding and a range of experience dealing with time frames, health & safety, working with QS’s, Project Managers and site Foremen.

    Experience and Skill

    We know the drill and we have a highly skilled team who can knock out your commercial project on time and to the hightest quality.  The more technical the job, the better. That’s because we’re up for any challenge and thrive at coming up with solutions too.  If we have to travel, no worries – it’s never a problem.

    Red Hot Quality

    We’re really proud of the work we achieve with our main contractors. Professionalism, communication and quality are the hallmarks of the “red mist”. Take a look at some of the specialist commercial projects we have successfully tendered for and completed in the past.

    Contact us when you need a professional team on board from day one.  You don’t need any extra “agg” and you won’t get any from us.

    We’ve won the respect of those in the industry and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve listed the projects we have completed over recent years to give you an idea of size and scale.  It’s also a clear indication of our reputation in the industry that we deliver a top quality service every time.

    Commercial Specialist Services

    Supermarket Plumbing

    Having competed over 11 supermarkets in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Coromandel area in the last 10 years, it’s fair to say we have heaps of experience.  Supermarket jobs are massive and always run to a very strict deadline.  The sooner the supermarket can open, the sooner those tills start ringing.  Those doors will be open on time when you choose Plumbing Works.

    Our proven method gets the job done when you need it.  We’ve won a loyal following of the biggest supermarket chains in New Zealand.



    Hospital Plumbing

    Plumbing in Hospital and Medical settings means working after hours and preparing materials to ensure jobs are completed on time to prevent any disruption to medical care.

    Plumbing Works has a history of working in the health sector having completed project LEO at Tauranga Hospital and path labs in both Whakatane and Tauranga. These jobs are often technical and large-scale.


    Industrial Plumbing

    Plumbing Works has completed a number of large-scale industrial projects – factories, pack houses, processing plants and manufacturing plants.  Our qualified team has the right skill set and mind set to work wonders.  It’s great to be involved in so many different areas because it allows us to keep striving to be the best we can be. We like being the specialists on the ground ensuring top quality services.


    Educational Plumbing

    Schools, universities and Ministry of Education projects are another focus area for us.

    We have an understanding how school boards work and how the education sector needs to ensure value for money.  We always aim to keep within the set budget knowing there really is no room for maneuver.  Our project management skills carry over into all areas of our business because we know time is money. We’re not just plumbers, roofers and drainage experts, we’re qualified project managers too who can help with the lot.


    Backflow IPQ

    Plumbing Works has the expertise and experience to prevent backflow in your home, by supplying, installing and maintaining your backflow devices. If you already have a backflow device installed, our licensed plumbers are available to carry out a backflow valve check, service or repair, provide annual backflow checks


    Grease Traps

    If your business discharges trade waste involving food you need to have a regular grease trap cleaning and maintenance programme by a certified contractor. Without regular maintenance, grease can easily build up and become clogged


    Commercial Drainage

    When you need a team who’ll get it just right, call us.  We don’t take chances, we have the gear and the expertise, so whether it comes to digging, installing, measuring, planning and doing the actual job call in the “guns”.  If you need repairs and maintenance to your drainage systems the best advice we can give you is to only use the best.  Need to find out more?  Call now and we’ll be more than happy to help out.


    We have your back

    Any day, any time.

    Our emergency plumbing services fix leaks, clogs, and bursts any time. Relax, we’ll flow to the rescue!

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    Five Star rating

    As a manager of a Property Management Company we have found that Craig Coxhead and his team at Plumbing Works go the extra mile for us on any project we ask them to undertake on our behalf.

    Bob Jamieson

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