Rural Excavation, Farm Tracks & Culverts

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Beyond Plumbing Services for your farm…

Yes, we’ve heard it said before, boys and their toys, but when it comes to digging and drainage you need the right “toys”.  Investing in good gear allows us to be efficient and to get the job done quicker. 

Best quality equipment and know-how for the best quality job.

Service Details

Plumbing Works fleet of excavators & machines are perfect for over passes, trenching, culverts, wing walls, farm roads, clearing slips and water ways.

Top Notch Equipment

Plumbing Works check their machinery every day so we can stay on top of your job.  Each digger operator is responsible for keeping the gear in working order. This allows us to say that when we’re going to do a job within a certain time frame, we do it.  We’re punctual and productive, not just on the first day, but every day.

Fast and Prompt

On top of doing a fantastic job on your farm, the team at Plumbing Works pride themselves in being on the spot when you need them, so you can continue your business.

Skilled team

Our guys know what they are doing. The dedicated team of specialist equipment operators get the job done right for you, first time.

rural drainage along a farm track and shelterbelt


Five Star rating

Major overhaul done by these guys recently… We used to have a duck pond in our front yard every time it rained & needed a water supply at the back of our section.

Called the boys in red and they sorted it quickly. If you need a job done right the first time, I highly recommend plumbing works for any plumbing or drain laying jobs.

Jason Swift

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