Roof Repairs

roof repairs and installations with crane

Roof Repairs in the Bay Of Plenty and beyond…

What happens if you don’t get your leaky roof repaired quickly?

It doesn’t take long for the elements to start wrecking havoc, so to avoid extra costs you need to act fast.  If you don’t, you’re up for a whole heap of issues from replacing insulation to internal repair jobs.

Service Details

Maintenance and repairs of water mains, taps, toilets, HWC repairs and replacement, no job is too small. If you have a problem, the chances are we have already come across something similar in the past. Let us take care of your plumbing problem, it is our bread and butter.

Dedicated Residential Plumbers

Our dedicated team of residential plumbers have the same expectations on them as our commercial plumbers, that is to always carry out a superior job no matter who the customer is.  You need an eye for detail when it comes to plumbing so having accuracy in this game really counts.

Clean and Tidy Service

We also know how annoying it is when you’ve been left with a whole heap of mess to tidy up.  Not with us you won’t.  You’ll get complete peace of mind, a great job done at a great price with a quick turnaround.

Efficient Communication

Investing in management systems and GPS allows our operational team to communicate with our hard working guys out in the field in real time.  Our efficient systems and concise communication saves money for all our customers. No more wasting your time or ours (or charging you unnecessarily).

roof repairs on a grey roof with chimney and skylight


Five Star rating

These people are probably the best plumbing business in town. I have lost count of the multiple occasions they saved my butt on a lot of plumbing work. Keep it up, team. They work beyond hard work. Thanks guys.


Vinny Lockey

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