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Plumbing Works have the expertise and experience to prevent backflow in your home, by supplying, installing and maintaining your backflow devices. If you already have a backflow device installed, our licensed plumbers are available to carry out a backflow valve check, service or repair, provide annual backflow checks, and can act as an IQP (independently qualified person) to supply Watercare’s 12A Certification to ensure the water in your home is sanitary.

This service can be offered to any commercial building.

Service Details

Service Details

Plumbing Works can install Backflow protection in various contexts, including residential settings, sprinkler systems in businesses, laboratories, and council water distribution networks.

Clean Water Priority

Backflow prevention devices play a crucial role in preventing the reverse flow of water, ensuring that no chemicals, contaminants, or debris can contaminate a clean water supply. Let us advise you today!

In House Specialists

It is a requirement under the building code for certain buildings to have an annual ‘warrant of fitness’, through an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) Test and report.

Plumbing Works have qualified IQP technicians in-house who can carry out the IQP Tests, commission and test any of these backflow valves. 

Don't Accept Higher Risk

Many homes have swimming pools, spas and rainwater retention tanks – all of which can increase the risk of backflow. Backflow can be a serious risk to the health of those living in a home but can easily be prevented using a backflow device installed by a professional plumber at Plumbing Works.

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