Plumbing works has complete solutions for dealing with sewage where there is no council sewer connection. Generally there are two ways of dealing with rural sewage:

  1. 1. Standard septic tank (below) and 2. Septic treatment plant (to the right). These two systems are both acceptiable solutions based on location and also council.
  2. In the BOP an OSET (on site effluient treatment) design. This OSET design will determine what type of treatment is required, what type of disposal is required (drip irrigation or LDS) and where this can be located. 

Septic Treatment Plant

Plumbing works is a accreddited installer of Hynds environmental treatment plants as well as stardard septic tanks- no matter if this is for a house or a large commerical rural project, plumbing works can take care of the project from OSET design through to installtion and commissioning. 

Onece the the system is in, we also have trained technitions to maintain the units . We can also assess and replace and component of the system. You may have drip irrigation lines that have failed or a broken pump. we can take care of the lot.

We can maintain any system you already have installed. 


- Oasis  Clearwater 

- Devon Blue,  and many more


The EVW 1 Hynds Lifestyle Domestic Wastewater Systems from Hynds Group.

Hynds Lifestyle Systems are an elite range or aerated wastewater systems that offer environmentally sensitive alternatives to the septic tank.

The 'Lifestyle' systems combine cutting edge electronic technology with traditional treatment methods to provide a clean, odourless liquid suitable for sustainable irrigation of landscaped gardens, bushes or trees. Available in single or multiple tank models and ISO9001 quality manufactured, resulting in no joints and no leaks.





There are many Applications where septic tanks are still able to be used. The team at Plumbing Works can give you the right advice,

whether or not you are replacing an old tank or putting in a new one, the right advice can save you the hastle of working through the process of what you need. Plumbing Works can organise a OSET design, where the more cost effective solution  of a septic tank can save you thousends.

Contact us today to enquire about our septic tank range and installtion. 



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